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Local people bringing you a lightning fast internet solution!

Employee Owned

Hometown people to take care of you and your families to bring you the best service possible!

Superior Fiber Optic Broadband Network

Fiber optics are the future! We offer only the most modern equipment and techniques. 

Reliability with Lightning Fast Service

Reliability is the name of the game. No more lagging and long loading screens. 

Excellent Customer Service

Local people are waiting by the phone to help YOU!

Are you having trouble working from home? Taking virtual classes? Playing games online? Our internet service is the perfect solution for you and your family! We offer the most modernized way to provide WiFi. Unlike many internet service providers, we will connect a dedicated signal directly to your home. One single fiber can transmit the same amount of data 100x further on the same signal than a coax cable! Coaxial cable is a shared cable signal unlike fiber optics. With fiber optics you get the data speeds that you pay for regardless of who else may be on the same portion of the network! With HDD Broadband, you are relying on hometown technicians and engineers you might see at your local grocery store. 

How would you feel if you could work, study, and game uninterrupted while relaxing at home? 

Office: (334) 430-0049

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Residental Packages:

  • 100 Mbs - $79.95/month

  • 250 Mbs - $99.95/month

  • 500 Mbs - $119.95/month

Business Packages:
Please call for a quote on your business today!

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Where Are We Currently? 

  • Emfinger Subdivison 

  • Clairewood

  • Lakewood Dr.

  • Lake Talisi River Walk Area

  • Indian Trail Rd.

  • Dolan Rd.

  • Burt Mill Rd (ends at Dolan) 

  • Cricket Hollow & Cricket Ridge

  • Rifle Range (ends before New Quarters Rd.)

  • Noble Subdivision 

  • River Hills 

  • Downtown Tallassee Area (ends before the bridge)

  • Sunset Circle

  • Industrial Park

(Updated 2/3/2022)

Where Are We Planning To Go Next? 

  • Gilmer Ave. 

  • North Ann St: River Side Heights Area, Little Rd., Upper River Rd., Weldon Rd.

  • Kent Community

  • Cherokee Trail (North of highway 14 only)

  • We are currently working on getting across the bridge to service East Tallassee. Our target area as soon as we cross the bridge will be City Hall and the surrounding homes. 

(Updated 2/3/2022)

What are Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics is the most modern form of internet and telephone service. Fiber itself is individual hair-like strands of glass. An optic light shoots data though this hair-like strand of glass which leads to high speed internet. Unlike traditional coax cable, fiber is not shared between customers. Your fiber is YOUR fiber. This leads to much faster speeds for your residence/business; if you pay for 100mbps, you get 100mbps. Fiber has a lot more security... meaning, it has little issues after installation. If a problem arises, fiber is also much easier to fix and diagnose compared to traditional cables. 

Fiber is spliced together. In a nutshell, two pieces of hair-like glass are melted by an arc to create one consistent line for data to go through. Below is a picture of a "splice case." Splice cases protect and maintain fiber. They can be aerial or underground in a handhole. All of HDDBB's lines are underground. This leads for more security and less risk of breaking lines. 

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